Trip Report    

Winter Scramble - Sasse Mountain (winter)

Not-So-Sasse Peak was the star of the day. Surprisingly nice day up high.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • 903 is icy along the lake. Parked at plowed turnout at old Howson Creek Trail. 1-2 feet of crunchy snow along route, some powder in places from recent snowfall. Deep runnels up high.

    Crossing Howson Creek lower, in the flat-ish area is recommended.

We set out as daylight broke, intent on running the ridge from Sasse to Howson.  Put on snowshoes before even crossing the road. We crossed Howson Creek up too high and it proved a bit difficult. We then followed the path of least resistance upward toward the ridge north of point 5335. 

Screenshot_20191228-180104_Gaia GPS.jpg

Ran the ridge from there over Not-So-Sasse Peak which felt like a great summit. Now above the clouds, views opened up to the Cascade crest and south to Howson and Rainier.


We descended to a saddle and then snowshoed easily to Sasse's treed summit. Picture below right near summit.


Opted to call it a day there and made it back the cars by 2:30. 6.2 miles, 3500 gain. Great group of people, answered the call to meet up at 5:30am. Rewarding day in the mountains. Good romp in the snow.