Trip Report    

Winter Scramble - North Slide Mountain

A somewhat misty day, but still plenty of views (including the scene of the Osceola Mudflow) on this strenuous 14 mile/4000’ gain scramble. Besides ample viewpoints, the day included a pristine alpine lake (Lake 5580), and a chance to evaluate snow conditions in the surrounding area. [Lead photo by Jesse Bengtsson]

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Route is in great shape, snowshoes were not needed (glad we left them at home).  Brought micro-spikes but did not use them.

From the Ranger Creek Airfield we headed up the Sun Top trial, then diverged onto a logging road at 4300’ to gain the crest of Fawn Ridge.


With a mostly open understory (albeit with small fallen logs up to ~5000’, then brush after that) we reached Point 5460 for some great views.


A short time later, the beautiful Lake 5580.


(By Jesse Bengtsson)

A direct line from the lake quickly gained the NE ridge of North Slide.  The snow was in great shape and we were very glad to have left the snowshoes at home.


(By Nina Crampton)

The impact of aspect on snow cover was quite striking, with south facing slopes mostly free, and north facing slopes still heavily laden.  Here we see Middle Slide with South Slide peaking over its eastern shoulder.


(By Jesse Bengtsson)

Almost to the summit of North Slide…


(By Jesse Bengtsson)

Across the Lost Creek Valley we could see that the snow in Burnt Park (at least its ridge crests) will soon be gone.


(By Leaf Petersen)

After a quick lunch (and a few laughs ;) were soon started down.


(By Jesse Bengtsson)

A final break at Point 5460…


(By Nina Crampton)

… plus a glimpse of the White River Valley (the scene of the Osceola Mudflow).


An even better place to see the Osceola Mudflow, an open spot on the logging road at ~4300’.


A great day in the mountains, albeit a little on the misty side with sprinkles of precipitation here and there.  Our total time was 9 hours with 5 hours on the ascent, 3.5 hours on the descent, and a few lengthy breaks).  Photos from this and other trips to this area can be seen here and here.