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Winter Scramble - Nordic Pass, Hyak Lake & Mount Catherine

Great snow conditions made for a great scramble, even if limited views.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles

We approached Catherine not from Hyak but from the Silver Fir Lodge base, following a semblance of the route to Nordic Pass, via the Frog Saddle variant. Snow conditions were excellent; wearing snowshoes, we encountered only minimal fresh snow making for easy work. From Nordic Pass, we worked around to the SW ridge line, and followed it up and up and up, over a few false summits. The way was generally easy, no avalanche concerns noted, until the final rock bit before the summit. Working north between rock and trees, then up a short gully, we intersected the final summit. Views were limited, but little wind made for a pleasant spot for a break. Heading down off the summit, we utilized a hand line for the gully downclimb, then traversed around the rock, before beginning the way back down. It was relatively easy travel back again with limited postholing. Overall, we encountered no one else until we returned to the Grand Junction. 


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Tim Martino
Tim Martino says:
Mar 08, 2020 05:46 PM

Thanks for breaking trail! Wife and I went up on Saturday after seeing this trip posted but unable to join. We caught up with your trail along the "blue diamond" Nordic Pass Trail shy of Nordic Pass as we were searching for a safe creek crossing. Saturday snow condition made for easy travel especially along the snowshoe beaten path. We descended that short gully with microspikes making it much safer then with clunky snowshoes!