Trip Report    

Winter Scramble - Mount Ararat (winter)

Beautiful weather day - Fresh snow and great winter conditions to the Summit of Mount Ararat

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Snow after 3,200 feet. Fresh snow and needed to break trail all the way to the summit. Some avy debris on the way back - but can be easily avoided

On Saturday we took advantage of the good weather window and a group of 6 made it up to the summit of Mount Ararat, breaking trail on a lot of fresh, untouched snow

We started at Kautz Creek TH at 7AM and made good time till we hit deep powdery snow at 3 miles from the TH. Broke trail all the way to the south slopes and took some break to enjoy the views

Gained the ridge, as we saw loose wet spinwheel avalanche debris. So took one person at a time and made conservative terrain choices

Pictures from the trip below and  post link below at instagram

The snow covered bridge at 2.7 miles in from the TH. We werre all in snowshoes from here 

We slowly started getting out of the trees around 3.5 miles in from the TH127212860_10223491780703696_6911311963172568701_o.jpg

We opted for a straight up route "to cut a switch back" more like a work out route127243741_10223491780903701_1848939763966210435_o.jpg

Rick, coming out of the trees and heading into the plateau. So much fresh snow to break trail127443559_10223491780783698_460699200794472187_o.jpg


Views from the summit , with tatoosh range to the left and mount gilbert to the right 127276743_10223491780943702_6778768852267649714_o.jpg

Looking back at the summit - once back in the trail and trees. We ascended to the left of the picture in the open slope - sticking close to the trees to avoid any avy danger

Made it back to the TH at a little over 9 hours round trip