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Winter Scramble - Green Mountain: Last Chance Promontory

Due to trail closure, the route to Green Mountain is about 4 miles longer than before; we stopped and enjoyed the views at Last Chance Promontory instead.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • The "Sitka Spruce" trail is closed in order to prevent the trampling and compacting of soil around the roots of the Sitka Spruce, which will kill the Sitka Spruce. So, don't start up immediately after the Middle Fork road crosses the river. Instead, drive an extra 2 miles or so and park at the Blowout Creek Trailhead (a.k.a the Bessemer trail head or the CCC Road trail head).  It makes for a longer day, but it is important to preserve the rare Sitka Spruce trees. 

    The CCC Road trail crosses several creek washouts.  Be careful crossing them, especially during times of high water. 

Some Mountaineers refer to umbrellas as the eleventh essential. We put ours to good use on this trip. With the relocated start of the trail, the entire length of what we hiked was old roads, wide enough to accommodate umbrellas.  We had a pleasant lowland walk, we enjoyed good camaraderie,  we appreciated some nice views, and we  ate summit brownies.  All in all, a good day in the woods.