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Winter Scramble - Easton Ridge

short winter scramble to avoid the rain on the west side

  • Road rough but passable
  • Road in was wet and potholed but drivable to the trailhead.  the route up was snow free the entire way.

This was a "plan B" for a west side trip that was rained out.  With rain predicted after 10am the hope was we could get up and back down before it became too wet.  

The was almost no snow at the pass and the hills around Easton were mostly bare with snow patches so we left the snowshoes in the cars.  

The trail was in great shape with only 3-4 blow downs the entire route.  There was no snow on the trail to the summit so this really was a moderate hike and not a scramble.   But everyone was glad to just be able to get out and burn off some Turkey.  

We left the cars about 8:30am and were back to the cars about 11am with a 10-15 minute pause on the summit for photos.   While we had some light misty drops on the way back down, we didn't have hard rain until moments after we all got to the cars and were inside.  About as good as it could get for a very rainy weekend (and November).