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Winter Scramble - Cabin Mountain

Winter scramble of Cabin Mt

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • snow level was low, maybe 9" at the road.  

Following Richard Burt's well written route description from early 2020, we expected a moderate day.  However, upon reaching the parking area we discovered that it was not plowed to allow ANY cars to park legally.  We combined into one car back in town (masked up with the windows down both ways) and managed to park my 4x4 "sort of" in a legal spot next to the turn around at the end of the road (the turn around itself was signed as no parking).  

After that we followed the route description only to quickly find once we left the Palouse to Cascades trail that the approach was now on posted no trespassing property. Several variations we attempted were to no avail and we eventually abandoned the trip and did radio tower across the freeway instead.  

All of the signs were new, looking like maybe 4-6 months ago is when they probably were put up.  At this point I do not see any approach possible for this summit that is not on private property. That and the lack of any legal parking should lead to this destination being pulled from the active list until such time as these issues can be rectified.