Trip Report    

Winter Scramble - Anaconda Peak

What stunning views of so many peaks!

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Mountain Loop Hwy was snow free and we were able to drive to the Marten Creek Trail #713 trailhead with no problems.  Parking is a large pullout on the other side of the road that can fit about 10 cars as shown below.51034100996_f3d6324526_o.jpg 

The trip was on 3/13.  We met at 6:30am because I thought it was going to take a lot longer than it did and because the snow would be firmer in the early hours.   By 6:45am we were headed up the Marten Creek Trail with snowshoes,  ice ax, crampons.51033370263_6e4987bc87_o.jpg

The trail is in excellent condition.  We hit snow at about 2000' and not long after (1.3 miles from the TH) we left the trail to cross Marten Creek.  I took the photo of the trail on our return.51034201582_b017380d68_o.jpgI know crossing the creek has posed problems for others, but it was running low so I and a few others quickly hopped over while others found a log to cross.  51033363433_7e8f6d064a_o.jpg


Once across the creek and no longer on a compacted trail, most of us put on snowshoes and started up through the trees.51034196177_4aa96e4af1_o.jpgThe snow was fairly firm so we made good time to  NFD Road #4039 at 3200' where we took a brief break.   Looking up at 2 peaks from the road and wondering if 1 might be Anaconda Peak.51033364663_64c2141a0a_o.jpgWe remain on the road where it's fairly flat until it ends.  It starts getting steeper, but the snow is still firm as we continue snowshoeing up.  At about 4200' we take another brief break.  The last 800' to the summit gets steeper and steeper, but we keep our snowshoes on.51035918332_9d364359c2_o.jpg51034197412_6d63e7b227_o.jpgAbout 200' or so below the summit, most of us take off our snowshoes and put on crampons as it's really steep here.  Stunning views have begun.  Glacier Peak looking beautiful!51034197692_14da862f05_o.jpgArriving at the summit with blue skies.51034198042_2fe9b83d6b_o.jpg

The 360 degree views from this large summit are definitely worth the trip.  Such a wonderful place to sit and enjoy the views and lunch.51035112763_18aa9427f6_o.jpgWhitehorse  Mtn.51034200777_099637d568_o.jpgBaker and Shuksan
51034198547_a46488f80d_o.jpgMt Pilchuck51033368893_d6ecc47df5_o.jpgAnd too many more photos to post.51034097081_c53523ea53_o.jpgGetting down the steep portion took a little time, but we all made it down safely and back to our cars at 3:45pm.   What a great group and a great day!51033368428_a3a62912a9_o.jpg

Thanks for the photo, Harumi and Bulent.