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Whitewater Packraft - Sauk River: White Chuck River to Darrington

Our first official Mountaineer packraft trip down this fun river section. At 1,560 cfs measred at the Sauk Near Sauk gauge, this is a fun river flow.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • There are two gauges for this river section. Sauk above Whitechuck is just upstream from the put-in, but also upstream from the Whitechuck river which adds considerable flow. Sauk near Sauk is downstream from the Suiattle river confluence, a large river that also adds considerable flow. Interpolating between these two gauges, you can get a good idea of what the flow will be.

    On this trip, above whitechuck read 300cfs and Sauk read 1,560cfs. This is below American Whitewater’s “runnable” range but this is a fun flow range. It makes for a good introduction to 3rd class, with several long rapids requiring technical manouvering, with out being too pushy or intimidating. Good news is that this river often containes at least this flow rate through September, making it a good late season destination.

    There was one channel spanning tree, fallen this winter, about 15 minutes below the put-in. It is easy to see and walk around. At this flow, it would be possible to pass under it at the far left.