Trip Report    

Whitewater Packraft - Cedar River: Landsburg to Maple Valley

We did a few practice sessions down the slalom course above Landsburg Bridge before heading downstream to Maple Valley. The gauge below the diversion dam in Landsburg read 329CFS when we took out.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • The lower half, below the first RR bridge, was thin in a few spots and we scraped but did not have to portage any of the cobble bars.  

    There was one mandatory portage due to a channel wide fallen tree at the abandoned meander by Dorre Don.  We took out on the right bank in the current  which was tricky for some.  There was some thorny blackberry for 20 feet before walking in the clear rock strewn dry channel.

    There is one duck-under wood hazard near the end. A big tree trunk that was not very hard. 

We met at the Fred V. Habenicht Park in Maple Valley at 9AM and got back to the vehicle at 3:30.  We were going slow for new students to practice catching eddies and waves.