Trip Report    

West Granite

Great scramble to West Granite on a bluebird day.

  • Wed, May 12, 2021
  • West Granite
  • Scrambling
  • Successful
  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • The route is in great condition with snow coverage from the lake up the boulders on the west ridge. 

    There are three river crossings along the Pratt River Trail, then the fourth has a big snow berm/banks built up on both sides of the river.   In the warm afternoon sun, it took a little bit of time to kick steps that would hold so that I could climb back up the snowy bank. Maybe 5 feet tall.  This snow was pure slush. The ice axe was very handy.

    Took this same trail last week (out to Pratt Mtn), hitting it earlier in the morning and the snow was solid then not causing as much work.  

    Carried crampons but didn't use them.  Didn't bring snowshoes after not needing them on my prior trip.  

Private mid-week trip but adding a TR since scramble groups are doing this route soon. 

Did a lollipop loop up the west ridge and then down the south ridge. Started at Granite TH following the Pratt Lake trail out towards Olallie Lake. Snow starts at  The snow is fully covering the trail around 3'500. There's a nice boot path on the snow through this entire section, once I turned off from from the "trail," at just over 4'000 then I was breaking trail the rest of the way to the summit.   Got some good views of West Granite just after starting up the hill.  Hit the west ridge and followed it all the way to the summit.  There was one spot on the ridge with rocks starting to melt out.  Then another where the boulders were great for scrambling over but then back on the snow. 

The snow is beginning to met out at the summit with some rocks showing and the summit register.  The views are incredible right now with all the snow covering the various flanks of the mountains. 

Took the south ridge down and then back into the trees to join the  Pratt Lake trail with about 1 1/2 miles to the TH.   I think this cuts off a mile or two by not retracing steps. 

First time doing this scramble and it's a really great route.  6 hours round trip - 3 hrs 50  to summit, 30 min summit break, 1 hr 40 min down.