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Vesper Peak

  • Mon, Apr 13, 2015
  • Vesper Peak
  • Scrambling

Friday, April 10. Great trip. The weather forecast was for a storm to blow in in the late afternoon, so we got an early start (on the trail before 8:00 am) and got down and back to the car just in time before the rain hit. It had snowed earlier in the week but other Mountaineers had gone up on Wednesday and broke trail for us. We encountered our first snow low in the basin below Headlee Pass. The chute up to Headlee pass had about 6-10 inches of 3-day-old snow, just enough that it did not slide much, giving us good footing. From Headlee Pass to the lake we had to be careful in case we stepped between boulders that we couldn't see. Above the lake there was plenty of snow all the way to the summit. We could have practiced self arrest skills there except for the need to race the rain. We ate at the Omega in Granite Falls. We recommend the fettuccine.


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