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Union Peak & Jove Peak

Union Peak & Jove Peak

  • Fri, Oct 2, 2015
  • Union & Jove Peaks
  • Scrambling
  • Successful
  • Road suitable for all vehicles

At Union Gap we continued N on the PCT to 4200' elev. just short of reaching Lake Janis and set a bearing of 160 to attain the WNW ridge around 5000', then followed the ridge at 120 towards the summit. Easy traveling to the ridge through chest high brush, then a sharp ridge of mixed forest and rock to the summit. Due to a minor medical, from the summit we descended to the saddle between Union and Jove and continued down at 120 to Smith Brook Rd. N of Rainy Pass and the drivers caught a ride with a passing vehicle and retrieved the cars while the rest of us continued walking. This route to the summit would be better rated at a 2 on the technical, and the strenuous level would also be a 2 rating.


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