Trip Report    

Twin Sisters/Twin Sisters Traverse

Shot of the North Face of the North Sister from an unmarked logging road. Thick ice patches, steep hike and unknown destination of this logging road/trail made me turn around after 2 miles or so.

  • Snow and ice on road
  • The unmarked road had thick snow patches in shaded areas early on. A 4x4 was a must on this day up to where I decided to park. From there I hiked the steepest logging road that was on the sunnier side. 

The road I took is unmarked. It was steep with thick snow patches in shaded areas. I was uncertain if I continued on more than once due to the 4x4 not always hooking. I would not advise visiting now in any motor vehicle regardless of traction. As Winter approaches all these roads will be impassable.

It became way too slippery so I parked on the middle of the road as no one has been here in a long while. From where I parked I took the steepest logging road as I was hoping to see a mountain. I was there for a shot as well as checking out a new area. It was also on the sunnier side of my two options. Surprisingly once the logging road turned more into the sun the road became bare at times. I saw eagles and deer. The area is heavily scarred due to logging. This area was not a beautiful discovery at all. Once I saw the mountain I set up my gear and took some shots. I was lucky the sun was out just in time as it quickly shut down again. There are endless logging roads. Each one branches out in several directions. I took the steepest way up. A really detailed map is a must here. 

Once home, I was trying to figure out which peak was this as I could not find any from this angle on the internet. Eventually I realized I had shot the North Face of the North Sister as in The Twin Sisters in the North Cascades. _DSC2178BB.Mountaineers.org..jpg