Trip Report    

Three Way Peak

fun T5 scramble daytrip, a taste of exposure, tree belays, snow free

  • Sun, Jul 25, 2021
  • Three Way Peak
  • Scrambling
  • Successful
  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Seven out of the 8 miles is on PCT.   Trail has been snow free since early July and is in decent condition, albeit narrow and we had to occasionally wait for incoming hikers to pass.   Trail gets visibly much more crowded in the afternoon.  


    Route is rated T5 for exposure.  While scramble route is mostly class 2/3 scrambling, there is exposure on the summit block.  You have to step on/around a tree with cliff drop off.  You have to test rock handholds as many are loose, but tree or veggie belay is pretty good on this route.  Part of the slope is slippery sandy scree.  The scramble section is fairly steep: up 600ft in 1/3 mile.   

    Water: Sheeplake is the only source noted at about 1.5~2 miles from TH.  

Sunday, July 25: started from Sheep Lake TH off 410 at 8am, lot was full at 7:40am, and a few cars had to park along the road.   Some lupine, fireweed, paintbrush along the way, although not as exciting as the showcase at Paradise.   Enjoyed the cool wind at Sourdough gap, good views.   Bugs are present but weren't an issue as long as you keep moving.  Few people on trail in the morning, a lot more in the early afternoon.  


Route from Sourdough Gap:  follow PCT past Threeway Peak, and then aim for the gully east of Threeway Peak .  Once at top of the gully, facing the gully, you will need to navigate through the trees to your left.   

Note there is a report in WTA on Jul 11th, the author was offroute, but did come down the correct route, which is also what we used to go up.   The author included photos at the end to help with navigation.  


Overall a very fun scramble experience.   Pace is about 2.7mph, 5 hours car to car.  You will see Rainier at summit.