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Thorp Mountain Lake & Lookout

Attempted Thorp Mountain early season. It's still a winter scramble, not a hike.
This trip is not possible currently since the bridge off the parking lot has washed away and Thorp Creek is still too high to safely cross it. There is a fallen log approx. 200 yards up the stream that could be used to cross when dry.
The road (4312) was iced up just before the trailhead (~100 yards) and unpassable without chains.
We stopped right there and started hiking to the trailhead at 9:15am. The weather was bad; 38 degrees, rain/sleet and approx 30 mls/hr gusty winds. After realizing the stream wasn't crossable, we decided to walk along forest road 4312 for another 2 miles (1 hour) till it ran out; 600 ft elevation gain.
See pictures here: