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The Tooth/South Face

Climb on Sat Aug 22. Team of 4, left TH at about 7:15am. Nice sunny weather, but not too hot. Haze from the fires were present but not bad enough to affect anyone's breathing or health. A few very small streams running above Source Lake are pretty much your last chance for water on route.
As we approached Pineapple Pass, we heard voices from across Great Scott Bowl, and were surprised to see a couple guys high on the ridge opposite of the Tooth. Turns out they had left the parking lot at 5:30am with the goal of climbing the Tooth, but had hiked up the Alpental ski slopes and traversed the ridge and gotten very lost. Once they saw us they rappelled down into the basin and followed us over to the start of the climb. Not sure how one gets so lost on the approach to the most popular climb in the state, but I'm sure they had an adventurous time.
There was one party of 2 on the first pitch when we arrived at the base. Several other small parties came up throughout the day, but all seemed nicely spaced out so no major traffic jams. We let a guide and his client pass us on the 3rd pitch, as they scrambled over left, and we continued climbing on the right.
Base of the route to the summit in 2 hours, enjoyed our lunch, and then rapped down in 4 single rope rappels. Rope threatened to get stuck a couple times, but we managed to pull it free without too much hassle. Great climb with a fun group, and two students got their graduation climb!