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The Tooth/South Face

Trip date Mon, Aug 3, 2015.

Pretty much textbook climb of The Tooth on a weekday. Left the TH at about 7:20, about 2.5 hours to the base of the climb. Weather was cool and overcast. We were first on the route but another small group of three came up behind us. They looked faster so we let them go first so we could focus on instruction as this was a student group looking for graduation credit. The group of three climbed with a leader on one end of a 70m rope and to followers, one tied to the end of the rope and another connected via a butterfly knot about 10m further up the rope. We let them get up past the first pitch and that was the last we saw of them until the summit. The rappel off was pretty straightforward. We had three ropes so just did a cascade of three single rope raps which worked well. No stuck ropes which was great. Return to the cars went quickly although we still came in just under 11 hours. One of the students commented that they didn't believe the trip was 5 miles round-trip per the Mountaineers web site. Have to check this out. Never noticed or thought about this before. Great day!