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Trip Report    

Stretch & Reach Islands

Our trip included six paddlers. We met at Port of Allyn Marine Front Park to launch at 10:30. Low tide was 10:58AM at -1.8 feet. The trip was timed to have 3 feet of water to pass the west side of Stretch Island. Launching from the beach with this low of tide was a bit of a challenge due to the mud. We should have launched from the dock.
The plan for our paddle was to circumnavigate the two islands in a figure 8, being sure that the tides worked in our favor...especially to pass through Stretch. This day had a particularly large tidal exchange. We paddled south beginning on the west side of Reach Island. As we passed by the Marina area, we saw a deer on the beach. As we approached, it began to swim across the channel in front of us...A new type of marine mammal sighting!!
We stopped for a break and lunch at Stretch Point State Park. Then we paddled around the east side, south end and west channel of Stretch Island. The timing was perfect to assure water cover for this portion. A short break was taken again at the State Park and then we returned on the east side of Reach. We had a beautiful warm day with mild breezes. After we returned, we practiced rescues and exercises near the Allyn launch site before pulling our boats out. Other animals observed were heron, eagle, osprey, kingfisher and seals. A great day was had by all with no incidents.