Trip Report    

Seattle Basic SIG SNOW FT - SIG Snow Overnight (Snow Anchors & Belays, Crevasse Rescue, Snow Camping, & Roped Travel) - Mount St. Helens/Worm Flows

Excellent and highly recommended trip for Snow FT for student to spend a day learning and a day testing their mettle on the active volcano.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles

We ventured up to St. Helens for our snow FT and it was a great experience. Saturday we met at 6:30 south of Seattle and we're on the trail by around 10am. At camp and setup shortly after noon. The rest of that day we did a brief overview of all the snow skills, some ice axe arrest practice and a few runs through of the Z-pulley. Around dinner a handful of us skiers had a fun kicker sessions while the others hung around and told stories.

We lucked out with a deep freeze Saturday night setting up the snow perfectly for the Sunday climb to the crater. The group climbed in teams to the summit with about 2/3 skiers and the others as hikers/ glissaders. Around 1pm we got the summit shot and started descending. The snow had softened perfectly under clear skys.  The hikers we able to glissade most of the way and the skiers were hooting and hollaring.  

A quick pack-up and we we're at the cars before 4.  

About 3-5 hours from Camp to crater between various members of the team.