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Sea Kayak - Totten Inlet & Oyster Bay

One way paddle from Kennedy Creek pullout to Arcadia boat launch.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles

There was a big storm the day of our paddle that exceeded the advertised SKII-III, so the paddle was rescheduled for the following day.   The weather was mostly cloudy, with light variable wind, no rain, temps in 50s.   High tide was 15.8 ft at Burns Point around 11 a.m. and moon phase was first quarter.    We ended up with a group of 5 paddlers after rescheduling.    The distance paddled was about 10 nm.

We launched one at a time from the Kennedy Creek pullout on the far left where a short, rough trail goes down to the water.   It was about 1/2 to 1 hour before high tide.   First we headed up Kennedy Creek for a little exploration during chum salmon spawning season.    We passed a few people fishing then went under the hwy 101 bridges and went up the winding stream for a few minutes before turning around.  

Then we headed up Totten Inlet which was very calm and quiet for the most part.   We could see Mt Rainier.   We saw numerous big fish jumping that were likely chum salmon.   We saw lots of birds and a few sea lions.    We passed a few workers harvesting mussels.     Some equipment we thought was for geoduck farming.   And an oyster boat loading up at the boat ramp.    We didnt see any other recreational boaters on this weekday in November.

We stopped for lunch at a small beach after crossing Little Skookum Inlet.    We had to be careful with kayaks and gear due to sharp shells on the beach.   

We reached the Arcadia boat launch roughly 4.5 hours after launching.    We loaded up all kayaks and gear.    Lastly, one person and her kayak and gear were shuttled back to the launch spot and her car.        

An enjoyable day and everyone did great!