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Trip Report    

Sea Kayak - Squaxin Island Circumnavigation

We launched from Arcadia and paddled in a counter-clockwise direction around Squaxin Island.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Landings are not permitted on Squaxin Island  so we had lunch on Harstine Island, just north of  Salmon Pt.  Another lunch option is Hope Island.

We launched from the Arcadia  boat launch approximately 10:15 AM in to calm conditions and paddled directly to Potlatch Pt passing Hope Island on our right.  The remaining fog in Pickering  Passage had cleared  just minutes before.  We paddled close to the shoreline of Squaxin  as we rounded  Tucksel Pt  and in to Peale Passage.  Note the various little bays on the west side of Squaxin get very shallow at low tide.  Since landings are not permitted on Squaxin Island  we decided to have lunch on Harstine Island, just north of  Salmon Pt.  It was at that point that a slight breeze picked up from the SSW but it was easily manageable throughout the afternoon as we came down Pickering Passage.  The group decided to go around Hope Island on the return despite paddling against a small current and then over to check out Steamboat Island.  We were rewarded with 2 wildlife sightings, a nice looking raccoon on Hope Island apparently living on the beach  and a river otter on the edge of Steamboat Island.  Afterwards we paddled back to Arcadia and returned at 3:30.  It was a wonderful day and a great group of paddlers to share it with!