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Sea Kayak - Raft and Cutts Islands

Pleasant paddle in excellent conditions to Raft and Cutts Islands launching from the Fox Island Bridge.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles

Parking on Fox Island Bridge requires care due to a steep drop off.  Difficult for low vehicles.

A quick stop at Kopachuck State park to check out the Marine Trails site. Excellent stopping location. Could not find the kayak rack mentioned in the description of the marine trails site. 
The park would make a difficult place to launch from as the parking is up a relatively steep hill and the access to the water is via a hiking trail. Possible with a lot of gear carrying including kayaks due to difficulty for most carry wheels.

Lovely paddle. We observed two seal pups. One very small pup on private property  and another on the NW corner of Cutts Island. Both times, we gave the pups a wide berth to avoid disturbing them.