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Sea Kayak - Port Gamble to Foulweather Bluff Preserve & Hood Head

Beautiful day. Great paddling. Good group. Great Weather. Can't ask for a better day.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Currents, tides, and weather cooperated and behaved as predicted by NOAA.  We had high clouds, intermittent sun, and sometimes glassy water.

    This is a great trip if the winds are calm.  I canceled a similar trip in early May 2023 because of gale force winds.  Watch your NOAA forecast!

See track in image from my Garmin.  Paddled on a slight beginning ebb from Port Gamble Bay north to Coon Bay (aka Driftwood Key).  There are no public beaches in this area.  All private tidelands.  We ferried SW across the channel to Hood Head/Point Hannon and enjoyed lunch on the beach with the resident sea serpent on the spit.  Glad to report that she/he/they/them is in good shape.

After lunch paddled west along the head to check out (from the water) the tombolo connecting Hood Head to the mainland. This is the Wolff Property that is an undeveloped State Park and the location of a WWTA Marine Trails campsite.  Wolfe Property State Park | Washington Water Trails Association ( and Wolfe Property State Park | Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife

We then rounded the spit heading south, paddled through the aquaculture pens (mussels?) on the south side before making a diagonal ferry back across to the launch site.

This day was chosen because of the favorable (and minimal) current conditions.  This trip can become untenable if the winds are high so watch your forecast.  I canceled a trip like this in 2023 in this same general date because of gale force winds.
Track from Garmin_Port Gamble 5-7-23.png