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Sea Kayak - Hat (Gedney) Island

Successful trip launching from Langley

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Conditions were on the windy side, bathrooms are Langley Harbor were open despite a sign saying they only open at 10am. Parking in limited but free. At low tide the dirt at launch at  smell a bit like pollution. On the plus side they have an outdoor foot wash to rise your booties. This time of year there was no wait at the ferry.

Launching from Langley was an interesting way to do this trip and recommended if people want to do something  a little different, the tradeoff is of course you need to take the ferry over to Whidbey. No close up whale sightings today, we may have seen a couple spouts in the distance although we were not sure. We could see the whale watch boat ahead of us by Hat island but they had moved on by the time we got there.

We left on time after some communication with one participant who had to drop late. The wind prediction was 5-15 from Noaa and Around 10 from the windy model. The first crossing to the tip of Camano Island went well, we had about 8-10 knots on the beam which eased when we got near the Island. We discussed alternatives at Camino  and decided to stay with the original plan to go to Hat Island next. During this cross the wind picked up to 12-15 knot close to straight ahead. One participant in a lighter, shorter boat was having making efficient progress so we did an inline tow which worked well. We ate lunch on Hat island and had an enjoyable paddle back, the wind had eased to 5-7 knots by then.