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Trip Report    

Sea Kayak - Hammersley Inlet

A fun day starting cloudy, then clearing up and with little wind. Ebbed out, viewed the Squaxin reef, lunch on Hope Isle, then flood to Walker Park.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Launch site: Walker Park has a separate dirt lot to the right of the main lock. It may appear locked but a close inspection will reveal the padlock is connected but dis-engaged. the park and facilities usually don't open until 0800 but this years manager on both our trips was up and opened the facilities early for us.

    One should prepare for a moderate carry across a lawn, down a cemented path, over knee high rocks, and across a small rocky beach at both launch and landing at end. 

We all met at the same time today and departed ~ 0900. reached Arcadia point by 10:00 after zipping along on the 3KN Ebb. Paddled across to Squaxin Reef, actually saw a few seastars, lots of crabs, other "tuby" looking things. Lunched on Hope Island, practiced towing, practiced rolls (well, some of us). Then paddled to Arcadia by 1300 and up a sunny very warm Hammersley Inlet  to reach Walker Park ~ 1415. No incidents. Great group. Fun time.