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Sea Kayak - Deception Pass

Cornet Bay launch, around Deception Island, lunch at beach on Rosario Head then play time in the flood current at Deception Pass.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles

This was a very nice 5 nm paddle on a nice fall day as part of the Paddle and Play weekend at Deception Pass.  We launched about 45 minutes before the slack before flood and paddled out through Deception Pass, around Deception Island and then over to the dock/beach on the south side of the Rosario Head spit for lunch and bathroom break.

Then we headed back into Canoe Pass in time to play in the flood current that was about 5 kts, and then paddled on to Strawberry Island to play in it's smaller eddy line that forms in the flood current.

We had to hold a fairly strong ferry angle to paddle from Strawberry Island back to Ben Ure Island and Cornet Bay.  Our least experienced paddler did flip over the first time he tried that -- I had forgotten to remind him that he would be bracing on his left side as he entered the eddy line, instead of his right side, which is what he had been doing in Canoe Pass.  He was successful on his second attempt and we made it back without any difficulty.