Trip Report    

Sea Kayak - Chuckanut Bay

There's a reason the Chuckanut Bay paddle is a favorite of many, especially during a minus tide.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Minus one tide.  Pretty good viewing of intertidal life. 

We had 4 BSK students and one grad plus 3 leaders. One of the leaders is a beach naturalist. She was great in briefing us on what we were seeing since it was a decent minus tide. The students did great. The forecast was temperatures in the high 80's to low 90's, and light winds with wave heights less than one foot in Chuckanut Bay. We launched from the Larrabee Boat Launch, paddled north toward Governor's point, paddled close to the rookery north of Chuckanut Island, turned east toward the shore, paddled around the inner circumference of the bay into Teddy Bear Cove, then into the cove with the concretions on the hillside. Seals were abundant in the water and the rookery. We even decided not to land at that small cove with the concretions on the hillside because there was a seal pup on the beach and we noticed another seal in the water lurking about, presumably the pup's mother. We returned to Chuckanut Island for lunch instead. When folks got warm that was an excuse for rescue practice. In fact, the heat was harder to deal with during the time when we were packing up at the parking lot. Overall, Chuckanut did not disappoint.

Parking requires a Discovery Pass.  Due to the forecast high temperatures we showed up earlier than planned.  Lots of parking then.  But full at the end of the day.