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Sea Kayak - Cape Falcon

5 diff venues in 5 days during a relatively calm week along the Northern Oregon Coast... Stay flexible!

  • Road suitable for all vehicles

Excellent caving, rock gardening and surfing.

  • Monday: Cape Falcon: rock gardening, surfing and caves! Launched from Neakahnie-Manzanita State Park. PROTECTED from N WINDS.
  • Tuesday: Oceanside/Cape Meares: more of the same! Launched from Oceanside. PROTECTED from N WINDS.
  • Wednesday: Cape Lookout - extreme caving, and more paddling seeking fame! Launched from Cape Lookout State Park. VERY EXPOSED TO N WINDS.
  • Thursday: Cascade Head - WIND, paradise and we even came back sane! PROTECTED from N WINDS.
  • Friday: Indian Beach - Surfing! a Rock Paradise and again, came back without injuries or pain! PROTECTED from N WINDS.