Trip Report    

Sea Kayak - Camano Island

Friday's 7nm EMSK paddle down to Camano Head and back was fun. Even though the tide was going out for the first half of the trip we managed to see a pod of gray whales far off across Port Susan. Also saw great flocks of hooded mergansers, half a dozen bald eagles, and a banded kingfisher.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Winds were forecast at around 5 knots with gusts to 10. No significant waves forecast. Waters were calm all the time we were paddling.  Slight rain at the start gave way to sunshine. 

We launched at 11am as planned and rode the falling tide down to Camano Head. With not much wind to oppose, the waters flowed smoothly out of Port Susan on the morning ebb and smoothly back in on the afternoon flood. We took a lunch break at the east side of the head to watch whale activity on the in the distance. While having lunch we waited out the rips and confused waters that form there at the turn of the tide. We launched for our return leg as the flood won the battle and gradually smoothed out the waters. Encountered 5 knot headwinds and ripples on the return which slowed us down a little bit. Arrived back at Tillicum Beach about 30 minutes later than planned. Next time I might take an extra half hour before launching on the return to let the flood get more established.