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Sea Kayak - Burrows & Allan Islands

Great day. Beautiful scenery and many route variations available when weather is uncertain.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles

Launched 9:30 am from Washington Park. South winds already blowing at 15 kt., so we headed down Burrows Pass and stopped at Alice Bight. Proceeded down and around Allan. Fought wind and current much of the way. Not sure why the current was against us as we headed south along the east side of Allan during the ebb, but it was.  Once we headed north along the west side of Allan, current and wind was at our backs.

Encountered a few rips crossing Allan Pass to the Lighthouse (arrived 12pm). Took a nice break, then headed back down Allan Pass, hugging the Burrows shore to avoid the main current running again us, and headed back through Burrows Pass on the flood. There wasn't much of a rip by the time we entered the pass (2pm) but we literally almost ran into the inter-island ferry as we rounded the corner into the pass. It was hugging the Burrows Island shoreline, very close, and moving fast. It took hard paddling to break out of the current pulling us into its path. Something to watch for in future.

Back at the launch site by 2:30. Great group. Lovely day. Stronger winds then predicted, but no rain. Thankfully the persistent fire smoke from California had almost completely cleared by the time we launched. First day outside breathing fresh air in over a week.  5 hours. 11 NM.