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Sea Kayak - Burrows & Allan Islands

Good practice in storm conditions

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • A storm came through with winds up to 40 knots and wind waves forecast 5-7 ft.  We changed launch to south side of Anacortes, which is protected by Burrows island and were able to poke out into wind and waves on both east and west side of Burrows.  Both ends provide sheltered, calm water to push out from and return to.  

    Do avoid being at the west end (lighthouse) when the current is ebbing.  The ebb brushes right along the shoreline and you'll have to paddle against it to return to Anacortes.  


We had a great day paddling in rough conditions.  Storm came through with winds 30-35 knots.  Launch from south side of Anacortes provides protection by Burrows Island.  

Can poke around east end of Burrows for strong wind and moderate waves (we had 2-3ft)  

Can pike around west end of Burrows (light house) for strong wind and larger waves (we had 4-6ft). On this side Lighthouse point and reefs provide protected waters through which you can approach.

On ebb current the ebbing current flows right along Burrows NW shore.  It may even be more intense just along there.  Return through ebb current means fighting this so best plan return on flood or slack.