Trip Report    

Sea Kayak - Boston Harbor Vicinity

Enjoyable easy paddle with soft rain, little wind, seals and herons.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles

Five experienced kayakers including a recent Sea Kayak course grad paddled from Boston Harbor WNW across Cooper Point to Edgewater Beach of Eld Inlet into what is known as Sanderson (cove)...  Visibility five miles with a few motorized boats on the water.  We stayed together to be seen more easily.   Little to no wind after high winds predicted.  Saw a few seals.  Just meandered in the cove for an hour observing heron eating small fish as we talked about paddle strokes and life.  A soft rain and mist met us as we left Sanderson cove back to Boston Harbor.  Rain intensified mid-way back and visibility decreased to 100-200 yards.  Turned on flashing lights.  No boat or other vessels seen or heard.  A few enjoyed rolling before paddling ashore. Everyone shared it was a good paddle.