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Sasse Mountain (winter)

4/16/16. A wonderful trip. We started at the Cle Elum River Campground and followed the trail to where it crosses Howson Creek. Rather than crossing the creek, we ascended SE to Point 5159, then followed the ridge counter-clockwise to Howsen, Sasse, and Not So Sasse. This part of the trip was wonderful. The ascent to Point 5159 is delightful -- just the right steepness to gain some serious elevation without fear of sliding or avalanches, and the woods are open enough that one doesn't need to bash the bushes. The ridge run is also delightful, with great views and occasional challenges to keep things interesting. The summit of Sasse is forested and devoid of views, but the summit of Not So Sasse is nice. Several maps indicated that there was a trail that descended across the south face of Not So Sasse, but we couldn't find it despite four hours of miserable brush wacking as we criss-crossed the south face of the mountain looking for it. If one could locate the trail and if it is passable in winter, this loop would be an ideal winter excursion.


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