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Rasar State Park

Visited Rasar State Park on 4/5/2021 hoping to photograph elks.

  • Tue, Apr 6, 2021
  • Rasar State Park
  • Photography, Family & Naturalist
  • Successful
  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Road conditions are excellent. This is a very well maintained park. It has some ADA accessibility. It is safe for the whole family. Just keep an eye on the kids as the Skagit River runs at speed here. Spacious camping areas. There are short, mossy forest trails as well as an open space where the elks graze. It is also a good location for bird watching. During Winter eagles abound in this general area. I decided to check it out hoping to see the elks but no luck. I will check it when on HWY 20 as it's so accessible. I shot some robins and I took a long shot across the open space to give the viewer a better sense of just how large the open area is. It's an OK shot with Mount Sauk as well as some North Cascades peaks across the field. It was a beautiful day. Vibes are great from the land as well as the folks, kids etc. I enjoyed my stay. 

View of Mount Sauk from a large open space.