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Quartermaster Harbor

Trip report for Saturday 3-26-16 Quartermaster Harbor Trip
This trip started from Owen Beach with a 9:30 AM launch. The weather was calm and clear with the seas glassy. The crossing to Vashon Island paddled with timing of the ferry crossing. The ferry was on the Vashon side when we launched. We headed toward Neill Point but had to modify our direction during our crossing to parallel the ferry path. We took a break on the beach at the DNR land around Neill Point before heading north across the Harbor mouth. We then paddled along the shoreline of Maury Island until we got to Dockton Park where we landed for a lunch break. The tide was going out so we landed on the north end of the beach to avoid the deep mud that happens with low tide. The facilities are very nice (warm water to warm your hands). After lunch we paddled back across the Harbor to the Vashon shoreline for the return trip. Many birds were seen in the Harbor including Herron, Eagle, Cormorant, and various duck species. We took another short break at the DNR land and then paddled around exposed rocks toward the Tahlequah ferry dock. The ferry was on the Tacoma side. After we passed the ferry dock we crossed back over Dalco Passage to return to Owen Beach. We practiced skills near the beach and landed around 3:15. The total distance was 12 NM. All paddlers performed well and there were no incidents. It was a beautiful day for a spring paddle.