Quartermaster Harbor

Located in southern Puget Sound on Vashon Island, this is a rewarding 5-mile sea kayaking adventure in a bay that is about a half mile wide. Because it is shallow, there is no marine traffic and it has great views of shellfish. The bay is also a major wintering spot for over 35 species of birds.

Information for Leaders


  • If you are scheduling this as a non-course related activity, please limit your group size to the recommended party size. The maximum party size is for use by course field trips only, and includes both students and instructors. Group size maximums do not reflect how course field trips are run (in smaller groups of students and instructors), but allow for course leaders to register the course in our system.
  • Land Manager: Land Manager Varies
  • Parking Permit Required: see Land Manager
  • Recommended Party Size: 12
  • Maximum Party Size: 20
  • Maximum Route/Place Capacity: 20
  • MapTech Oak Bay to Commencement Bay No. 102
  • MapTech Puget Sound Chart No. 100
  • NOAA Puget Sound: Shilshole Bay to Commencement Bay No. 18474
  • NOAA Puget Sound: Southern Part No. 18448
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