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Patos, Sucia & Matia Islands

Patos, Sucia & Matia Islands

  • Road suitable for all vehicles

Weather was outstanding. Couldn't ask for a better weekend. We launched from North Beach Road and skirted to the east of Parker Reef over to the campground/State Park on Matia. The 9 of us had the perfect campsite(s). Although I was concerened about the relatively small camping area we were the first and only ones there on Friday night. Many of of circumnavigated Matia on Friday afternoon. Most of us also hiked the Matia loop trail at least once and several of us did it twice during the weekend.

Saturday was a day paddle over to Sucia with a stop at the beach/camping area at the west end of Echo Bay. Good water, weather, friends, and time.

Sunday was a leisurely paddle back to North Beach in the morning to work around the ebb, flood, and slack.

Parking is limited at North Beach but there is room for probably 10-12 vehicles. There was room when we launched at 9:30 AM on Friday but on Sunday at around noon when we returned the lot was totally full. Can't say enough positive about Matia camping. Clean, Quiet, Peaceful. The solar composting toilets were clean and functioning. There is no water on Matia so bring all you need. We didn't have any issues with raccoons or deer except one couple did have a pet mouse make them feel welcome in their tent. We hung our food from the trees and the dock railing each night/day.