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Old Desolate

  • Mon, Jul 13, 2015
  • Old Desolate
  • Scrambling

Nice bike ride from TH up to Ipsut and back.
Hiked to trail to 5400', where "100 scrambles in Rainier" showed their route up. Followed that up the steep hillside to upper Moraine Park. Ascended the slopes directly up to the summit. On the way back down, from the far south end of Moraine Park (south of point 6413), we descend the dry stream bed we kept left and descended to the Wonderland and met it at 5700'.
I strongly recommend that future groups go up and down the way we went down. The way we went up had lots of rock fall risk and was not much fun. It also does not have the views of the Russell Glacier that you get from our "down route".
With an average pace, we were about 11.5 hours of hiking and 1.5 hours of biking.