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Naturalist Trip - Mount Ellinor

Great location to stroll the old forest road and view/photograph several species of local butterflies! The road is mostly flat and easy for all hikers.

  • Road rough but passable

Our group walked the old abandoned forest road past the trailhead for Mount Washington (also the parking area for the Jefferson Pass Trail). Partly sunny and approx 60 degrees. We spotted several butterfly species nectaring, mudding, mating behavior and patrolling. This a great spot for those butterfliers that just want to stroll up and down the old forest road without much elevation gain. Wildflowers are in the peak of bloom.    Three water sources in the first half mile attract most of the species.   No parking pass required here.   

Here is the species list of what we saw today:

1. Woodland Skipper
2. Western Branded Skipper
3. Mariposa Copper
4. Field Crescent
5. Echo Azure
6. Hydaspe Fritillary
7. Great Spangled Fritillary
8. Lorquin's Admiral
9. California Tortoiseshell
10. Lorquin's Admiral
11. Painted Lady
12. Western Tiger Swallowtail
13. Pale Swallowtail
14. Gray Haistreak

15.  Clodius Parnassian were in abundance!  

Photo of a male Mariposa Copper