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Naches, Yakima & Seymour Peaks

Aug 6, 2015. Five of us left Chinook Pass and followed the Naches Loop trail around the east side of Naches Peak and then the PCT down to Dewey Lake. We then scrambled up Seymour Peak and returned to Dewey Lake. We refilled our water bottles and followed the PCT back to where it rejoined the Naches Loop trail. We then scrambled up the ridge on the south side of Naches Peak (we first traveled mostly west, then north, as the ridge turns). The scramble up the south ridge was easy, until we reached the summit block. We could not find the route up the south ridge. One member of the party traversed around the summit block on the west side, at the base of the cliff bands, but nobody else in the party was willing to do so given the exposure. That person was then able to gain the summit by climbing the north side of the summit block. The rest of us descended due south to the Naches loop trail and followed it clockwise to Tipsoo Lake and then followed the road back to Chinook Pass.