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Naches, Yakima & Seymour Peaks

It had snowed overnight so we elected to do Yakima and then Tahtlum. We ascended up to a saddle from the parking area NE of Chinook Pass. Once on the ridge we continue another 100' elevation and then traversed over to the next ridge. There was a steep wall to gain and then a rock/snow scramble to the summit. We descended a gulley between the two ridges which was a faster, easier option. The weather continued to hold so we decided to give Tahtlum a go. We ascended to high and had to back track. By then rain was moving in and we decided to call it a day.

  • Red Marker
    46.867889, -121.507034
    46.8678892 -121.5070338
  • Red Marker
    46.873404, -121.522715
    46.8734042826 -121.522715092

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