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Mount St. Helens/Worm Flows

05/08/16 - Yet another epic Mother's Day climb of Mt. St. Helens! Started out in mist but eventually got above the clouds with blue skies! No snow at Marble Mtn. snopark, soft patches along the wooded trail to Chocolate Falls. Significant snow above 5,000' but was able to stay on the ridge almost till it ran out. Icy surface snow above 7,000' but very good steps and did not need crampons or snowshoes. Strong, steady wind est. 30+ mph with variable direction. Summit much calmer with brief gusts. Large cornices still exist, use caution. Great glissading to about 6,000', but deteriorating quickly on the lower sections, watch for hazards ie. exposed rock.
Very crowded but fun day with many creative and entertaining costumes! Limit was 500, but it looked like many more. Not a problem, though. No one expects a wilderness experience up there.