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Mount Sawyer & Tonga Ridge

It had not rained in months, so the day we do this hike, it rained. It rained on and off the whole hike. However the trail was in good shape. The first two mile you gain about 400 ft elevation through going up and down several times before coming to your turn to go up to the ridge. Just passed the large Meadow, maybe 200 feet. you will see a trail on your left going up a fairly steep incline, it is marked with a small carin, there are several other trail before this, look for the carin, this is your trail. This is also where you will do the last two mile and 800 ft elevation gain. At the top of the ridge you will go left to go up to Mt. Sawyer. Once you make the turn, you go maybe 100 ft and you will come to a y in the trail. This is the loop for Mt Sawyer. Going straight is the longer leg of the trail, saving the short leg for your return down. You have to do the loop thou, other wise you will not see the survey markers at the top of Mt. Sawyer. Cool to see. Our group was a group of 8 hikers and we did the whole hike in 5 hours in the rain. We all had a great time. Did see fresh Bear tracks on the way up to the ridge. This section is thick with Blueberry plants that are currently full of berries. Did not see a bear, just their tracks.