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Mount Ruth (Mount Rainier)

Changed destination to point 7135 north of glacier basin. Lots of loose recent wet avy tracks.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Road in great shape into White River CG. 2-3 ft of snow in most areas of campground. Snow covering most of trail into basin 10' on some bridges.

    Snow shoes usefultree avy.jpg in basin and on return. Use Caution to avoid breaking thru snow to terrain traps.

      2 miles up the glacier basin trail crossed the destruction of  large avalanche that came down this winter. Some trees 100 yrs old (30'tall 6" dia.short growing season). No difficulties getting over and around trees. Aprox. age of trees confirmed looking at growth rings on a cut tree in the CG of similar size. 

Slow pace going into Basin 3 hrs. I have never seen so much recent avalanche activity in one area. Loose wet slides every where, many starting from the base of cliffs running  up to 1000'. Boot path going SE up to ridge approach for Ruth. 2 skiers skinned up a diagonal path coming in from E of the Basin. Boot path  has minimal tree protection 1/2 way to ridge. 

Due to high winds predicted in early evening. Avy conditions, speed of group we opted to call point 7135 north of the Basin our goal for the day. Snow shoes very useful in basin We stopped at our noon turn around time at 6750'. Enjoyed lunch in a spectacular setting, clear blue sky's pleasant temps. Saw no pinwheels, had 1 foot boot penetration in wet snow. Short 400' glissade down, set off minor small slow moving loose wet avy.  top 3'' layer of snow sliding 10' wide, ran 150'. Comfortable glissading behind or just on top of slide. 

Inter gl avy.jpg

ruth avy.jpg