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Mount Ruth (Mount Rainier)

June 26, 2015: Successful summit of Mount Ruth, approximately 1:15 pm. Group decision was not to attempt the Prow (it was a hot day with a lot of sun exposure, no water available after leaving the basin). We departed the TH at White River Campground at 7:50 am, returned about 5:30 pm. Due to heat we took a fair number of short breaks along the way with about 30 mins on the summit baking in the sun. Easy footpath to follow most of the way. River crossing in the am was easy, but more challenging in the afternoon as water was up about a foot from the AM crossing. Once you leave the basin it is totally sun exposed. Mount Ruth has still has snow starting about 1,000 foot below the summit. We used snow to get within 400 feet of the top then picked out way thru the boulders and scree to summit. We find a foot path to navigate our way partially back down, but opted to get off the rocks and take the snow down. Some opted to glissade, some opted to plunge step. Snow conditions over all were good given the heat, some icy sections can be found about 6 inches under the snow, but it posed no real issue.