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Mount Rose

  • Sun, Mar 13, 2016
  • Mount Rose
  • Day Hiking

On the way up we lucked out with mild rain. The snow line was around 3000 feet and it snowed from there. We took the counter clockwise (left) route directly to the summit. The actual snow pack was maybe around 3500 feet and I would guess at least 5 feet deep. Someone said they did Mount Rose last weekend and noted that it snowed at least 2 feet of new snow in one week. There was a clearly defined packed down trail we used without much problem. The trail would have been too narrow for snowshoes so we would have to break our own trail if we opted for snowshoes. Some opted for traction and devices and some completed the summit without using any traction. The summit is exposed and was breezy. On the way down the snow line lowered to 2600 feet.


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