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Mount Rainier/Gibralter Ledges

The route is still in good condition and will probably be passable for a bit longer.

We did collapse the last decent snow bridge over the 'shrund guarding the entrance to the ledges, but the folks climbing behind us found a bypass toward climber's right. Not a great bypass, but they made it work.

The ledges themselves were in average shape. The snow gave way too easily, but at least there's still some snow covering most of the rocks. Not terrible. We did place a couple of pickets where they could be placed, but they were optional.

The exit chute and the rest of the way to the summit was perfect styrofoam snow. So perfect, in fact, that we used no protection till the top of Gib Rock.

Upon exiting from the chute, we opted against veering right onto Ingraham Direct too early, and met up with the ID route only a few hundred feet below the rim. No difficulties on that section of the route.

The ID descent is still quite passable, though some creative routefinding will soon be needed.

Departed from Muir at midnight, 7 hours for ascent, followed by some loitering in the crater, 4 hours for descent, some socializing at camp Muir, and finally 30 minutes ski down to Paradise.