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Mount Pilchuck/East Ridge

Sept 20, 2014. We had a fabulous time. Everyone on the trip said it was one of the most gorgeous scrambles they've done. Going in September or October is a great time to do this trip. In September, the Bathtub Basin is overflowing with delicious, super-sweet blueberries. We ate so many that our poop looks like bear poop. (In October, with the leaves of the blueberry bushes turning red, the Bathtub Basin is even more beautiful than normal.) We also harvested several admirable boletes, king boletes, coral hydnun (bearheads),and angel wings. We had a warm and sunny day; we swam in one of the bathtubs (and one member got an unplanned swim in Iodine Creek). The berry picking, mushroom picking, swimming, and lounging on the summit while enjoying the view may have slowed us down a bit. Car to car: 11 hours.