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Mount Forgotten

Mount Forgotten

  • Road suitable for all vehicles

Scrambled to Mt Forgotten on 6/27/15 (a year of extremely low snowpack). Route was completely snow-free and both tarns were almost dried up, basically reduced to puddles.

Weather was sunny & extremely hot (90F). Even with early start and participants bringing 3l of water, party was pretty wiped out from the heat - breaks needed to be long. Re-stocking on water at Perry Creek was essential on the descent - most participants drank a total of 5l of water. Time to summit was 6:15 hrs, and round trip time was 11:15 hrs.

Trail in excellent condition. For the "down & up" section immediately beyond Forgotten Meadows, the climbers trail is steep with loose scree. We wore helmets from here to the summit, but with dry conditions like this, we found the rockfall hazard to be minimal (and helmets unnecessary), so did not wear them on the descent. Our GPS recorded a round-trip distance of 14 miles.